Essential Equipment for Bluewater Spearfishing

Spearfishing in the open ocean, also known as bluewater spearfishing, is an exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of hunting with the beauty of the underwater world. Targeting species like tuna and wahoo requires not only skill and patience but also the right equipment. Here's a guide to what you'll need for a successful bluewater spearfishing trip.

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1. Speargun

The heart of your gear is the speargun. For bluewater fishing, you need a powerful gun capable of long shots and with enough force to penetrate large fish. Look for guns with a minimum length of 110 cm. Many spearos prefer railguns or pneumatic guns for their accuracy and power. Also, consider a reel or a buoy line setup to manage larger fish.

2. Wetsuit and Camouflage

Your wetsuit should be suitable for the water temperature you'll be diving in. For bluewater, a thinner suit (1.5 to 3mm) often suffices. Camouflage is less critical in bluewater than in shallow waters, but a dark blue or open ocean pattern can help you blend into the environment.

3. Fins

Long, stiff fins are necessary for efficient swimming in the open ocean. Carbon fiber or fiberglass fins provide the best performance, giving you the speed and agility needed to pursue fast-moving targets like tuna and wahoo.

4. Dive Computer

A reliable dive computer is essential for monitoring your depth and dive time, ensuring your safety while you focus on hunting. Look for a model designed for freediving or spearfishing.

5. Safety Gear: Float and Flag

Safety should always be a priority. A high-visibility float with a dive flag alerts boats to your presence. Attach your float line to your speargun or your belt so the float tracks your movements.

6. Knife

A sharp dive knife is a crucial safety tool for cutting lines or ropes in case of entanglement. It's also used for dispatching your catch.

7. Gloves and Booties

Quality gloves protect your hands from sharp fish scales, coral, and line cuts. Booties not only keep your feet warm but also protect them from cuts on rocks and reefs.

8. Mask and Snorkel

A low-volume mask improves your field of vision and makes equalizing easier. A comfortable snorkel with a simple design works best, as you'll be frequently diving below the surface.

9. First Aid Kit and Emergency Equipment

Always bring a first aid kit specialized for marine use. Additionally, consider carrying a personal locator beacon (PLB) or a GPS device for emergencies, especially in remote locations.

10. Optional: Flasher or Lure

A flasher or lure can attract curious fish, increasing your chances of a successful hunt. This is especially useful in clear, open waters where attracting fish can be challenging.


Bluewater spearfishing requires preparation and the right equipment. Investing in quality gear not only increases your chances of landing a great catch but also ensures your safety in the open ocean. Remember, no fish is worth compromising your safety, so always dive within your limits and respect ocean wildlife and its habitat. Happy spearfishing!

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