Collection: Shot Not Bought

Our Shot Not Bought collection celebrates the essence of traditional hunting and spearfishing, recognizing that the people we relate to prefer to do their shopping in the wilderness. We believe that the satisfaction of your catch isn't just about the trophy; it's about the journey and the skill involved.

When you wear Shot Not Bought gear, you're telling the world that you don't buy your meat at the grocery store.

In a world where our connection to the origins of our food is growing increasingly distant, embracing the "Shot, Not Bought" philosophy offers a profound opportunity to rekindle our bond with nature. It not only fosters a deeper connection to the environment but also fosters ecological harmony while promoting a sustainable way of life. Whether one decides to embrace this philosophy or not, appreciating its multifaceted advantages serves as a foundation for meaningful conversations about our interaction with the natural world and the conscious choices we make in pursuit of a healthier and environmentally responsible lifestyle.