Hunting and Spearfishing Community Map

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We created this interactive map to help the hunting and spearfishing community connect with one another:

  • Find other hunters or spearos near where you live - make some new local buddies
  • Scout out an area you're planning to visit to see who's nearby so you can hit them up for suggestions and try to get out together when you visit 
  • Browse the map for familiar usernames
  • Find new folks to follow

In addition to scrolling around the map, tap the icon in the upper left corner to scroll through the list of registered hunters & divers. 

We also added a list of restaurants that will cook your catch - these icons are colored purple, and you can click the icon in the upper lift to scroll through the list of restaurants and bars that have been submitted. Please help us add to this list! Click here to add more "cook your catch" locations. 

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We're really digging the opportunity to hunt and spearfish with new folks in new parts of the world!