The Way of the KILLSHOT

  • A Cross-Country Adventure: Popular Hunting Schedules for each of the 50 States

    Embarking on a hunting expedition across the United States reveals a diverse tapestry of landscapes and game species. In this article, we'll explore the most popular hunting schedules for the each state when organized alphabetically, focusing on the prominent game species in each region.
  • Navigating Wisconsin Deer Hunting Hours

    Wisconsin's rich hunting heritage and diverse landscapes make it a prime destination for deer hunting enthusiasts. As any seasoned hunter knows, success in the field is not just about skill and strategy but also about understanding and adhering to the regulations that govern the sport. Wisconsin's gun deer season has just kicked off for 2023 (it starts today, Saturday November 18, and runs through November 26, 2023); here are some more details you may want to know if you're hunting or planning to hunt deer in Wisconsin.