The Stick A Sticker Somewhere Cool, And Win Some Stuff (Don't Be A Fool) contest.

Stick a KILLSHOT sticker in an interesting place*, grab a photo or video, and submit** to win a prize***. Winners selected October 31!


1) Request a KILLSHOT sticker for free. If you've requested one before, that's fine; request again!

2) Stick that sticker somewhere cool. If you've already stuck a sticker somewhere cool, that counts. If you stuck one somewhere not so cool, request a new one and come up with a new place to stick it. We will be giving prizes for most creative location, most visible location (able to be seen by the most people), and most crowd pleasing (winner by public vote).

3) Take a photo or video of your sticker placement, and make sure to emphasis how cool/rad/interesting the placement is.

4) Send that sucker in. The BEST WAY FOR US TO SEE IT: Submit it to our Facebook group with the hashtag #stickerchallenge to make sure it's entered. Otherwise email it to us if you don't do the FB thing - see below.

That's it - now get started!


Request your sticker here: Free Sticker Request

Submit your sticker on our Facebook Group (use hashtag #stickerchallenge): 

OR Submit your sticker by email:


*Interesting Places where stickers are stuck should not involve breaking the law, hurting yourself, or hurting someone else. That said - the sky is the limit, get creative!

**DO use email or the facebook group to submit. DO NOT send us a DM - your submission WILL get lost in the shuffle of our unread DM requests unless we already know you. We want to see your submission! Tagging in your IG story is very cool, but also time sensitive; if you do that, make sure to also send via email or the facebook group so we don't miss it.

***Prizes include hats, shirts, hoodies, and a Very Limited Edition Yeti mug!