Living A KILLSHOT Life

Our Philosophy: Shoot With a Purpose

A killshot is precise, intended to cleanly dispatch the target. The KILLSHOT Life philosophy is not about danger or recklessness, but rather about being self sufficient, responsible, efficient, active, and appreciative. We hunt on land and in water for food and choose the specific game we kill.

We use what we shoot, we are not wasteful, and we respect and value the life that is taken in order for us to live.

Many prefer not to acknowledge the process that takes place to fill supermarkets with cleanly packaged meat; we choose to be part of the process of selectively harvesting for ourselves and our families and being hands on with every part of that process – and if you’re here we suspect you feel the same.

Our goal is to foster a community that educates, learns from one another, and enjoys this life we share to the fullest.

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